Madrigal Feaste! UUFWC 2023

Start Date
End Date
Fri 6:30 PM Sat 5:30 PM
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Wayne County, 3186 Burbank Rd., Wooster

Madrigal Feaste! recreates a Medieval Hall where a celebratory feast with the royal court is taking place, complete with the royal singers and musicians, dancers, jugglers, and a peril-filled mummer’s play to please the court and special guests. The music, costumes, scenery, and elaborate tables, set with savory meats, soups, and vegetables, will transport you back in time. Be prepared for the presentation of the flaming Figgie pudding to top off the evening!

$37.50/ person or $35/2 or more

 Email contacy:   [email protected]